lundi 25 mars 2013

Maldives, a young girl (raped!) sentenced of 100 lashes. STOP IT !

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Maldives, a 15 year old girl victim of repeated rapes has been sentenced to 100 lashes in public !! Stop this madness by pressing where it hurts at the government of Maldives : tourism receipts. The stepfather of the girl is accused of raping her for years and killing the baby she was carrying, and now the courts ordered HER to be whipped for "sex outside of marriage!" International pressure may force President Mohammed Waheed to save her and to repeal the law atrocious. It is a global war against women - get up all against it

Tourism is the goose that lays golden eggs for elites of the Maldives which includes ministers. Gather 1 million signatures this week and threaten the President Waheed to tarnish the reputation of the islands via advertisements on the Internet and shock in travel magazines until he spares this innocent girl (a victim) and abolishes this inhuman law. Sign and send this e-mail to reach one million signatures:>

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