vendredi 1 mars 2013

A river in 6 videos

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Saving the Cèze Valley (pétition)
This fight is first launched by Michelle Ribot who was intoxicated by sewage (shit) of her village (!) overflowing into her cellar (probably rat poison that had been thrown in it.) But when I was seeking the place of the "plugs", I suddenly realized, Goddamned! that the pipes were going... straight on to the river! (first video) and flowing in it.. as a tributary little stream ! Now all is changing very quick, some works (pumping! cleaning..) are done in emergency... but they seem especially camouflage because now fecal waters are collected in big pits buried in the bed of the river... so that, after a rain, when the river swells, the sewages continue to pour in it -but nobody sees it.-



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