mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Excision; 150 milions of women in the world


 Visible part of the clitoris...     invisible part (bigger than the visible)

 What happens after excision : neuroma, 
constant and unbearable pain (the invisible part is intact).

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive organ, most innervate!


Will excision become legal in Egypt? This is what Paul Moreira’s documentary ("Sex, Salafi and Arab Spring") suggests. In Egypt, these mutilations are practiced in mass as a "tradition" dating from antiquity (the pharanones mummies are excised), thus not imported by Islam. Officially, there is no question of going back on the prohibition but ...

 Since the death of a young girl in June 2007, "female genital mutilation" is prohibited by ministerial decree. The Great Mufti of Al-Azhar University said at the time that this practice is prohibited by Islam (indeed, some passages of Coran where it is said that a husband must "satisfy" his wives suggest that) statement which has had a great impact in the muslim world. A year later, in June 2008, a law criminalizes the operation. Protection committees children are created. And it works! (Note, it does not run!) It affected 95% of women in 2005 and 85% today (!)

But for the first time since 2007, politicians seem to take posistion for a return to this practice! The first attack came from a member of the Party freedom and justice, the political organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. A member (Salafi Nasser Shaker) proclaimed in May 2012 that excision is an Islamic practice. Then a rumor said that a bus of freedom and justice would turn in the country to practice "medicalized" excisions. Disclaimer. And June 5, Mohamed Morsi in presidential campaign says he will not change the law.

Finished? Not quite. Her "counselor" returns to the question and said in an interview for Tahrir, the excision being so massive in Egypt, it would medicalize the practice (if not, it can cause infections!) This is the outcry. Revolt. Advocacy groups for women supported by ONU reaffirm in a large press conference the criminal nature of it. The "counselor" changes of hat, claims her words would have been distorted and reaffirms ... support the law. This cacophony is heavy, especially in the political chaos that passes through Egypt now. Excision is not specifically prohibited in the new Constitution which can in a blow, undo the work of five years.

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