jeudi 5 janvier 2012

About Sakineh, an answer...

An answer for those as "Eva" who say
"I don't care, it's worse somewhere" (link)

The name of this cat is Eva
The argument "it's worse somewhere else, thus don't worry about it !".. is the worst. It bites itself the tail as a crazy kitten : somewhere else also, one will say "it's worse somewhere else". It allows to justify everything, the anti-semitism ("it's worse somewhere else, look"), the gynocide ("it is their law and it's worse somewhere else, see USA"), the racism generally ("it's worse in Africa, look there how they treat their servants") and so on... There is always one "somewhere else", real or not, invoked to justify any horrors "here". In other words, the evil does’t justify the evil. And the fight against it is the same everywhere, just declined in various ways depending on how it is expressed : in Iran, Sakineh and all women sentenced to death by stoning or by hanging from a crane, a very awfull dead because it is not done for hanging but for lifting very slowly heavy weights.. in US, black people identically sentenced to death, but by lethal injection.. and so on.. What would you prefer? Note : the Koran says nothing about the crane, you know?

An other argument, most of the time very aggressive, consists in minimizing a cause by comparing it to an other one "immeasurable", "immense" as it is said -real or not-, which would make it minor.. with the intent to make feel guilty the poor one who support it -this argument is often launched against the animals’s defenders-: "it's worse for the men and you don't care of it" -bastard!-… argument always used by those who, as a general rule, don’t care, neither about "somewhere else where it's worse" nor of the cause of those they criticize. No humanist will never find a too "small" cause for him. Never.

Example: I made an hunger strike for "futile" reasons compared with the wars, with the death penalty, stoning  and so on, OK... But a symbolic one, in fact very important for all women in my town (link with the video "a woman against the mayor's team of her village"). Among the signatories of my petition, there were simple people of the willage, but also others ones involved to much more important causes : nobody among them has never said to me "there are lot of things graver than your little affair". On the contrary, they all questioned me, helped me. The only ones –very few ones- who opposed me this argument were engaged… nowhere ! A detail: I won by the justice -not by the hunger strike which nevertheless made this story known (link in french) by many people, what was my purpose.- An immense victory, not for me but for all women here who now will dare to raise the head I hope so (link about the village in english-french).

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