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An image to act against oppression

Under the hidjab, the stones

28/12/11 Dernières nouvelles : Sakineh risque à présent la pendaison -et plus la lapidation, en raison de la pression internationale- et cela peut se produire n'importe quand. Ceci est un SOS (lien).
Latest and bad news: Sakineh risks now death by hanging, not by stoning because of the international protest. And it can happen at any time. This is an SOS (link).


Aliaa Elmahdy (lien avec son blog), une jeune égyptienne, a publié sur un blog cette photo d'elle nue, suscitant un buzz historique -son but-. Compagne d'un homme qui fut détenu politique, de mouvance laïque libertaire et par ailleurs végétarienne, elle a ainsi brisé la honte que l'on fait aux femmes de leur corps, voilées, bouclées et méprisées, associée à son indécente exploitation commerciale notamment dans la pub*, un joli pied de nez aux tartuffes de tout poil. Elle a ainsi fait mieux que des centaines d'articles, thèses, blogs parfaitement documentés, léchés, une géante baffe dans la figure. On ne peut faire moins, lorsqu'on mesure le courage qu'il lui a fallu dans une société à majorité musulmane et dans sa situation pour oser ce geste fort que de le suivre, presque, avec infiniment moins de risques, à dire vrai, aucun. C'est aussi comme ça que changent les choses. Go!


  Aliaa Elmahdy, a young Egyptian woman published on her blog her naked photo, arousing an historic buzz. What she wanted. Girl friend of a dissident who was imprisoned, laic libertarian and besides vegan, so she throw down the shame which some Tartuffe of all obedience imposes to the women of their body, women veiled, locked, despised, combined with an indecent trading exploitation, for example in publicity*. So, she beautifully cocked a snook for the tartuffes of all kinds and she did better than hundreds of newspapers feminists articles, theses, blogs, perfectly thinked, written. So we can’t do less, when we imagine her courage in a society where fundamentalists islamists increase to dare this strong gesture, that to do the same, without any risk in France. It’s also like this that the things come to change. Just do it, it's simple. Everybody !  Go! 



Pour les femmes des pays dits "libres" ou disons moins sexistes: si nous ne le faisons pas, qui le fera ? Surtout dans les autres, sauf des héroïnes qui se mettent délibérément en danger? For the women of the less sexist or "free" said countries: if we don't make it, which will make it ? Especially in others, except heroins who deliberately put themselves in danger ?

N'acceptez pas! Don't accept. "Le principe de toute tyrannie est que les hommes se battent pour leur esclavage comme s'il s'agissait de leur liberté." The principle of quite tyranny is that people fight for their slavery as if it was for their freedom". (Spinoza). Ce sont les esclaves qui font les maîtres autant que les maîtres, les esclaves. It is the slaves who make tyrant at least as much than tyrant make the slaves. "The existence of the tyrant depends on that of the slave. They are two sides of the same coin. Neither can be without the other. (link)" L'existence du tyran dépend de celle de l'esclave. Ils sont les deux côtés d'une même médaille. Aucun des deux ne va sans l'autre.


   Le corps d'un homme ou d'une femme n'est pas un objet de honte

.. même à 63 ans. The body of an man or a woman in not ashamed, even 63 years old.
N'est-ce pas Dominique? Isn'it Dominique?

"Tes seins sont comme des grappes des raisins de ma vigne.. et tes caresses meilleures que le miel.." (Cantique des cantiques" -la Bible, dont le Coran reconnait le Christ comme un prophète parmi d'autres.-)

"Your bosoms are like bunch of grapes of my vine and your caresses better than honey" Song of Songs, the Bible, whose Coran recognise Christ like a prophet among lot of others.

 En Israël, c'est collectif (lien) ! Un exemple à suivre, plus facile peut-être que seule et tout aussi efficace, 
En Italie également (lien avec Hanane Zemali) et ... 

Atlas, le géant qui porte le monde et la "Pietà" (Michel-Ange)


Le site d' Aliaa (lien)
(traduction Robin Eddi)

حاكموا الموديلز العراة الذين عملوا في كلية الفنون الجميلة حتي أوائل السبعينات و اخفوا كتب الفن و كسروا التماثيل العارية الأثرية, ثم اخلعوا ملابسكم و انظروا إلي أنفسكم في المرآة و احرقوا أجسادكم التي تحتقروها لتتخلصوا من عقدكم الجنسية إلي
الأبد قبل أن توجهوا لي إهاناتكم العنصرية أو تنكروا حريتي في التعبير

"Enlevez vos vêtements et regardez votre être dans la femme. Brûlez votre corps que vous méprisez pour abolir à jamais votre être physique avant de manifester votre haine chauvine et de me contester ma liberté d'expression."

"Put on trial the artists' models who posed nude for art schools until the early 70s, hide the art books and destroy the nude statues of antiquity, then undress and stand before a mirror and burn your bodies that you despise to forever rid yourselves of your sexual hangups before you direct your humiliation and chauvinism and dare to try to deny me my freedom of expression."

"[Après avoir] poursuivi des modèles d'artistes qui posent nus dans une école de beaux-arts (70 jusqu'à présent), caché des livres d'art et détruit les statues nues de l'antiquité, déshabillez-vous devant un miroir et brûlez vos corps que vous méprisez pour abolir à jamais votre sexualité avant de jeter l'anathème et le chauvinisme et oser essayer de dénier ma liberté d'expression."

Juste pour la musique... et s'amuser un peu

  R. Eddi, femme dans arène


*Une publicité sexiste hard parmi d'autres ou lorsque le corps des femmes rapporte beaucoup d'argent. Hard sexist publicity among many others or when the body of women  brings back lot of money.

"Pipe" in french is a popular word which also means "fellatio"  (blow job)

etc... and so on...


A dramatic and funny novel from an Cévenol village about 
an other kind of gender harassment

Un autre, des autres combats contre le sexisme

An other, others fights against sexism.
Because the fights against sexism, not so dramatic as in Egypt, in "free said" countries, nevertheless sometimes harass the existence of women from day to day and can bring them to depression and even suicide, here is an other one, comic, of a woman single against the city hall of one village of witch the mayor, after his father had demolished her house by mistake! and vas condemned to reconstruct it at his own expenses, charge her for 4000 E. for a water consumption.. in the house in which she never lived… because it was in danger to collapse! Farcial, but it is not a joke ! 6 days in two times of hunger strike in vain or almost, she had to assign him in justice. And to day, after one and a half year, the justice judge well and sentence him to pay off to her the not due sums taken from her account. A victory, certainly, but during two years, she was reduced to a total poverty until having difficulty in feeding. And it is the inhabitants of the village, the taxpayers who have to pay trial and outlays. This video with splendid music (in french but easy to understand) show it well. This woman, it is me (link).

A true novel from Cévennes (in the south of France, cf map) between “Jean Giono” and “Kafka” ! a village where rages gigantic intellectual poverty, rough, nevertheless my village! where sexism, harassment (in my case and lot of others, financial)… with an happy end. But an hard victory. I lost some money, a lot of energy and sometimes, during crises of depression, trust in me. (Video which follows.) Now it is over, I hope. Under the sun which shines every day, the beauty of nature and the kindness of people [superficial because they often are cowardly afraid of the power of men's establishment]... the reality is sexist soft brutality for example the harassment which I suffered during more than 4 years! not sexual but of gender. Sometimes, I did not dare to open the  my mail (not email). A woman is not treated as a man, she seems to be an easy target, especially if she is "alone", I mean without husband, neither brothers nor sisters, and intellectual militant, not conformist too. On one side, businessmen of little weight but which behave as princes or feudal lords, politics men, richs sometimes and their court … and against them, in this case, one woman (and 200 braves signatories of a petition, what is enormous in this lost little town of 3500 persons only.) This woman, it is me. A detail, I am 63 years old and I lived during all this times with less than 700 €/month, so very scantily, because of importants taxes (I have an house and land large enough from my family but I can't eat stones and trees!) what is very good in the end (I feel better) and now, because of this not completely tragic situation I supported (in my case), that of women, poors, illiterates, gypsies, excluded, those whom society has thrown into the hole and left along the road in the ditch, I understand better  how people can feel powerless, anihilate and for that, too weak to be able to rebel and fight. I'll never forget. I fed on nature, plants, pickings, as much as possible and to day I like this way of life, ecological, that respects nature.. and I intend to continue! A misfortune can become a fortune. Now, may be, women, here, vill dare to raise the head. An example, yes, and a good one.

Note : what country is worse for women? In some muslins ones, the charia.. but in others like France, the country of human rights, politicians who believe to be entitled to do anything at their good pleasure with these as feudal princes several centuries ago, to swindle them in the best case or in the worst, to sexually harass -until rape- them.. in total impunity and silence of the guilty medias, specially when the man is very "important" as DSK, maybe a future Président of Republic, progressist ! We are ashamed. A family "secret storie", a joke, an almost "natural" drift without any importance and mainly not to be revealed to the poors fellows of whom they need the vote. The despicable reaction of the majority of the political pipe band who supports this fuckster, perfectly reveals such politicians-men's behavior to be common and happily accepted. A french exception to the declaration of human rights ? It seems so (link).

Note : quel pays est pire pour les femmes? Ceux de la charia ou ceux comme la France où des hommes politiques se croient tout permis envers les femmes, dans le meilleur des cas, les escroquer ou dans les pires, les agresser sexuellement jusqu'au viol... dans le silence complice des médias refusant que la plèbe soit informée de quelques dérives mineures de ces grosses pointures ? La réaction de la clique politique soutenant DSK, peut-être futur Président de la République -progressiste!- montre clairement que de tels comportements, joyeusement admis sont courants et considérés comme quasi naturels, une petite dérive sans intérêt, plutôt comique. Une exception française aux droits de l'homme semble-til (lien).

A woman against
the town-hall of her village

"No one is voluntarily nasty"

"Glass jar against iron one never win"
Perverse fatalism, miserable tune
From poors crushed, resigned
… And also merciful businessmen
For their comfort.

But sometimes it happens that,
In an unlikely fight,
The glass jar breaks the iron one
An example to her countless colleagues
Brothers and sisters,
Transparent, exclude, lonely,
Women, old, out of court, rugged,
Those whom society has left on the roadside
After thrown down into the ditch,
Not daring to write, to speak and barely to think
So, hunted in packs to runs,

In the quiet continuity
Of a persistent machismo, stubborn and childish
Whom, error of a course,
By a bit racy shot,
-Against so smalls, no need to adjust-
The keel aimed at the ball
And break it into pieces.
But what a court can’t estimate, maybe the most important [that it is called "collateral damages"] is the loss of one even, and afterward, that of an exhausted companion who have had to carry you at arm's length during two years and finally had found a well deserved rest somewhere else. The warrior's rest. Compared, what are a crashed house and X000 E unjustly removed? Nobody mention it, never. How sometimes it's crual to be a free woman !] And, worse, maybe, her husband !

 Loneliness, collateral damage, a spare wheel became carrier
Solitude, dommage collatéral, une roue de secours devenue porteuse
One of the cities and one of fields,
Like mouses. And if possible pleasant,
House too. But he loves her (s?)
What are you thinking ? he worthes it, she too,
It's just that one have to deserve him
Because he is him ad that's all.
But he loves, as he says, who know?
The former one, although more rustic,
And problematic, -maybe the philo.- 

But the younger, no complicated,
Would be more practical
When he has burned his house,
-Because he is a little bit stunned-
During the masonry's works,
What can he make, poor mouse ?
Where have you the head darling?
You quibble, always looks for troubles
Everytimes funking flies.


Does he says the same to the urban's mouse?
Nobody knows. In fact,
He loves one -as he can- and likes the other,
The first for passed, nature, romantic poetry,
Cévennes in a word, -but it's hard too!-
The second for softness, movies, theater,
Glitter's Paris and shinning lights.
When he his fed, bored he comes back.
Cathodic oscilloscop.

What means to love? Basic question!
A bed with white sheets? Crowded varnishing?
Long hot shower? Erotics transsubstantiation.
Thus, in this time in city phase
The second mouse easily wins the pot,
Can we say.. the jackpot?
What are the things, Roméo,
That overthrow the essentials of our live !

The "long runner's loneliness", you know,
Collateral damages of a squalid trial.
-I would prefer to lose and keep you for ever-
But maybe, so it's better.
-And thank's for the monay too-
When I starved of despair
-But I hate pity, even yours-
And this night I have the blues,
Relaying in peace.
In pace aeternam for an eclipse love.


Un imam visionnaire.. La réalité est ce que nous en faisons! 

An visionary priest. The reality is what we do with it.

Un certain imam a comparé le visage d'une femme à son vagin. OK, comme ça on comprend mieux ! Question d'anatomie. A gauche, la réalité, à droite, ce qu'il voit.
A certain priest had had compared the face a woman with her sex. OK. So, we undestand better. Left, the reality, right, what he see. Just an anatomy question.   


 Deux vidéos bouleversantes, l'une, gaie... Two videos deeply moving, the one cheerful..

l'autre, moins ! the other one, less !


Les réactions

"Le visage de cette jeune femme est si empreint de courage, de détermination, de beauté... et de tristesse... Une colère qui monte en moi, irrépressible, à foutre sur la gueule du prochain abruti qui lance une mauvaise blague au passage d'une femme devant la terrasse d'un bar ou d'un chantier... Mon Dieu que cette jeune femme est belle, et comme nous sommes laids."

"The face of this young woman est so full of courage, beauty, determination and sadness. An anger arouse in me, irrepressible, to smash the face of the next moron who jokes when a woman walk past a sidewalk cafe or a worksite.. God, how this young woman is beautiful ans how are we ugly."

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  1. اجمل حاجه ف الشباب الجراءه معندهمش الخوف اوى من اى تجربه مهم كمان اننا ندافع عن افكارنا بشده بس برده منهملش الاخرين و نرفضهم نحاول نفهم و نستجيب ليهم المجتمعات الغربيه اللى بتنادى بالحريه اكتر الشعوب تحقير للمرأه بدليل افلام الساديه و الممارسات الجنسيه المؤلمه جدا و الخاطئه و لعلملك عدد افلام الساديه ف ازدياء ولو اتفرجتى للافلام الساديه هتعرفى اد ايه احتقار الغرب للمرأه و اعتباها حيوان فض شهوه انا عارف ان كثره التفد لشخصيه عنيده و جميله زيك مش بيعالج بس نصحيه اخ لاخته اعرفى الغرب جيدا وافهميه من قرب و انظرى ليه بعين المسواه لانه مش الغرب هو بس اللى ضمن الحريه النساء كانوا عبيد الفرس و الروم ف حين الاسلام نادا بحريه المرأه و تحررها بحدود عدم تأثيرها على حريه الاخرين