vendredi 22 mars 2013

French politicians.. pimping and weakness abuses (!)

En français ici 

Have you noticed? Google is unmerciful : when you type "pimping" you get two pages of images of Dominique Strauss-Khan .. and "abuse of weakness" (which is pretty much the same thing) ditto, but of Sarko. One, President and the other, one who has failed to become but could have succed if he had not jumped on Nafissatou.


It reminds me of something "we're all whores" (link) and "Diary of a bastard"* (link). So nothing new here, only multiplied by a factor x.
 * In french "Nous sommes toutes des putes"" -lien-  et "le journal d'un salaud",-lien-.)

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