samedi 9 mars 2013

Diallo, Sinclair, Iacoub, DSK, the biter bit

En français ici (lien)

After the "case" of the rape [Nafissatou Diallo/Dominique Strauss-Khan at the "Sofitel", NY] DSK [a French politician, the best placed candidate for the presidence !]) was trapped by a woman journalist, Marcela Iacoub, who, first, had written a book to defend him... may be just in order to approach him and to write another one... about his private life. So she became his mistress... and in her second book, reveals indeed sordid aspects of his sexuality (sado masochist for instance, she calls him the "pork"). Before that, she had obtained an interview with his wife Anne Sainclair (a famous and very rich journalist).. in which she managed (in a particular context without doubt) her to say "it is no problem getting sucked off by a servant"... that Iacoub reports too in her book, accusing her to be arrogant, odious. 

 The "biter bit" always pleases at public and her second book is now indeed as she thought a best seller which makes her and her editor lot of money. 


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