mercredi 18 septembre 2013

Barbarians, Turkish? As "we" were elsewhere

Good kisses .. Yosdagt. I look forward to see you. But I earn good money, it is important for the children.


Barbarians, Turkish? Yes, as "us" in ... 

Good kisses from Luanda. I miss you a lot. I look forward to being on vacation.

as "us" in Angola,  with our Portuguese allies, in Algeria .. and elsewhere. We are all criminals of war in different degrees, yes, war criminals because war is a crime. Unfortunately it is here an example of catharsis: I do not support violence and do not even kill a scorpion. Even more in cinema. I close my eyes, ears and sometimes run away. Paradoxically, without hesitate, I interposed me a lng time ago between two young people who were fighting hard in school. And here I have retouched during a quarter of an hour the first image without any emotion. The technique (or art if you want) or simply the act have won all my affects, suddenly disappeared. The technician has replaced (and masterfully) the woman. Resilience, it is this. The passivity (at the movies or in life) makes you vulnerable, makes you indulge and invade by as a sort of infantile regression, morbid, stunning and heartbreaking, while the act of creation puts away your affect, far from you, leaving you free to think, last!. QED

.. and better, the creation moves you away from both the awfull reported (here the decapitation of a young man), but also of our own trouble, literally becoming grotesque, buffoon.. (what it is indeed!)

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