jeudi 7 mars 2013

Images of blogs, progress of science = old men senile with an hard cock !

Les vieux gâteux à bite dure par helenelarrive

The old senile with an hard cock

Alice par heleneclaude

Bulk : excision and an explanation; two women (two actresses here) killed by their companions ; "the end a the world" ; my story (Alice in wonderman or "we are all whores") ; the pollution of the rivers (here, Cèze) therefore the sea ; nature in Cévennes monopolized (stolen) by private to make money, (a colonization) ; the expulsion of Roma in Montpellier (!) ; unemployment of women (one employment agency offers to a teacher a job of stripteaser -dancer naked-) ; the worldwide revolt of women (countries who viewed this blog, worldwide) thanks in part to Aliaa and others less known. 

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