mercredi 6 mars 2013

Alice in wonderman

"Alice in wonderland" (soft)

"Alice in wonderland" (hard, it depends on the days)

Alice in Wonderland is a book (Lewis Carrol) which denounces humorously the absurdity of the world, of the power, social archetypes and language by making talk the animals whose the symbol of the tyran is the rabbit. Passing across the broken mirror, she suddenly discovers an absurd world where words and images are not (and do not mean) what she believe, what she has learnt at school they mean, for instance "cup of tea" means "horse"; "run" means "stay on the same place" and so on..  It could be the highlight the formula of the rabbit when he claims "the words mean what I want them to say" and Alice : "But it will not be easy to understand ourselves" what he replies "It depends on who will be the master and that's all!" Link with the article whose the image is an illustration

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