dimanche 20 janvier 2013

Aliaa, exiled, persecuted, even in France, shame on "us" !! Apeal to cops!

 She was a wise student 20 years old
all her life has been changed now and forever
just to do ... such a little thing !

Aliaa, threatened with death in Egypt, exiled somewhere in Europe, persecuted even in Europe ! here prevented from boarding the plane to protest outside the Egyptian embassy in PARIS ! And "femens", prevented from going outside the embassy.. by FRENCH cops ... not too comfortable it seems. Are they ashamed ? Yes and rightly ! Shame to "us", France, the country of human rights! Cops, don't obey orders if they are unfair! A question of honour. We have fought formerly for these rights, we died for that, don't throw down the "liberty" -insufficient- we have conquested (for you too, young boys!) with our blood. 


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