lundi 30 septembre 2013

Kristina Rady, Bertrand Cantat, François Saubadu, Marie Trintignant

Bertrand Cantat

 Marie Trintignant, those he killed (4 years in prison,
with some permissions to leave!)

 His wife, Kristina Rady, who commits suicide


François Saubadu, her boy friend, who
 requires more investigations

Bertrand Cantat (a famous singer here) killed his companion, Marie Trintignant (an actress).. and then, his wife (Kristina Rady, a writer, and translator who was speaking eight languages) commited suicide. Strange. She said in a recorder that he terrorised her, beat her.. and she could not leave him, even she had a new lover now (François Saubadu). An lawyer and François now requiere to the justice more investigations about that "suicide".
 Link in french

Me Yael Mellul, who defends François Saubadu

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