vendredi 30 novembre 2012

Irena Sendler

 Look at this woman. Prices sometimes are 
not awarded to those who deserve them

 Irena Sendler is recently died 98 years old. This woman is a heroin. Almost unknown. Yet ! During the second world war she asked to work in the Warsaw Ghetto (Varsovie) as a plumber and locksmith (!) She knew the Nazi extermination plans against the Jews*, she was German. She had an idea: to hid children in the bottom of her "tool box" she carried in her vehicle, or in and a large bag (for older children). She also had a dog that she trained to bark when German soldiers controlled the entry and exit of the ghetto ! in order to cover the noise that children could make. So she saved 2,500 children. She was arrested and tortured by the Nazis (they break her legs and arms and more again.) 

It is not all: Irena kept all the names of the children in a glass jar buried behind a tree in her garden and after the war, tried to locate their parents, but most were killed, gassed. So, children were placed in foster care or have been adopted. Last year she was proposed for the Nobel Peace but that is Al Gore who was awarded for his film on global warming, a good one indeed but it would be just to give both the price to Irena and him. In her memory 63 years later I participate in this anniversary by forwarding this message. Do the same. We hope that it will be read by over 40 million people worldwide. Send it to everyone. Akim Abdelhak Osman.

*Question: many German, French (and so on..) said they did not know anything about the massacres of jews, roma, gypsies.. and so on (link).. by the Nazis (link with "Jasenovac") in french.. but the  pictures are "speaking". But SHE knew! She risked her life. How did she knew? Was she "extra lucid" ? Not at all. So, have they really searched to know? It is easier sometimes to be blind, isn' it? 

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