mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Houria Bouteldja, the veil, because of "culture" (!) and colonizer law (!) A traitor as lot of politicians

Amazing article from a "extreme right" teacher of history addressed to Houria Bouteldja, from the movement "The natives of the Republic" about the word she created "SOUSCHIENS" ...("chien" means "dog" in french and also "tree stump", and "sous" means "under", so it is a pun considered as an insult by some "french-french".. (most of them are racists against any "french" -born elsewhere-, for instance caribans, black, arabers) which prosecuted her in a trial (she won) charged for racism.. against french.

"When you speak of the responsibility of neo colonizers States in the development of communitarian phenomenon, when you denounce the racism of French society, you're right. But the violent demonstrations that make the news every day hide the systemic violence, foundation of all economic and social architecture of the liberal system which consists of divide the poors against the poorer in order to rule the two ones... for a drastic reduction of production costs and maximizing financial profits for them. Migration flows do not serve the interests of poor countries but of rich ones, resulting in a precarious populations uprooted from their homes by the plunder of their home country, and conduct (perhaps) some of the natives (he means french) to massive unemployment. When the were sufficient growth for a few crumbs can be distributed to the popular classes, it could hold, but the slowdown in growth (a good thing because of its devastating effects on the nature) coupled with the consumerist ideology generated resentment and crisis. Neo colonizers, I mean globalist oligarchs, make their victims ennemies one against the other. So do the "Salafists improvised" transforming their "delinquency hall building" in Holy War and taking control of their quarters cities. So do in response some french who launch "crusades" against them... and also all arabers whithout distinction... They both make the game system which exploit them together. How Africans can believe that their only horizon of hope, while their country is plundered by us, is to come to work in McDonald's as clandestine in exchange for AME (little salary) and emergency shelters ("light" social housing, very precarious) that burn during the summer? Racist violence mask the systemic violence. It is the economic dimension of the system, which breaks the traditional productive fabric to make more and more profit, to produce low-cost all unuseless or toxic products that will be buyed by all those who are deprived of their pride, their work and their tool, but will consume nevertheless by bank credit, and sometimes suicide when they can't pay back.  Sincerely .. "


"The natives of the Republic" a political movement that seems interesting, driven by intellectuals (it is not a criticism) French (originated elsewhere, it is true) but completely "parisian" (this is a criticism) : for example when they defend the burqa  (sorry, they just oppose to the law that prohibited it, that is exactly the same) .. they do not identify what it means for women in some countries forcing them to wear it  (cf my blog "solidarity Aliaa Elmadhy, under the veil, the stones")... and are unable or unwilling to side, to fight with the oppressed, the true oppressed (link with "Sakineh" Women of Iran) risking their life if they refuse to wear a veil or burka, or for nothing, just because they are women... I don't speak here of little "oppressed" as in the case of intellectuals born in France, french or frenchspeaking, cultivate. [In any case it is not their skin that women risk in France if they wear a veil. No common measure.] Women in some countries if they refuse it (or for nothing) are killed, sometimes by stonning, and those who claim to reject a law that forbid it because it is a "colonialist" one claim just the difference between privileged (a little) and martyrs (much). As traitors.

This evokes opposition towards the African Caribbean (Fanon -a french black writter- call them "white niggers") who exaggerate the most questionable aspects of the white culture they have adopted with such a fervor than they despite their africans brothers as "barbarians" ... and, discovering afterwards with some resentment, that they are nevertheless in the eyes of white, "Negro-all the same" , try to "recover" their "African" roots, turning at 180 ° to a culture that is no more their .. (but yet a little) with all the "traditions" questionable, to say the least (excision-link-, slavery etc...) .. with the same fervor.

This movment of pendulum which swing from 180 ° is the fact of all "uprooted" and we are all, more or less, uprooted. This is called "acculturation" and is the oposite of MIXED culture which SELECTS in every one what is good BY ITSELF and not according to a political commitment hightly suspect or after discover a humiliating cuckoldry when they are exclude in spite of all their efforts. We are all victims of excluding, most to least: people of South of France (link about racism against "natives" -us, me- from neo colonizers who plunder our common land to make money) rednecks from any region... by some businesmen or overall the Parisian cultural centralism : we have lost part of OUR culture, OUR traditions (including farmers technical, yet essential to survive in a poor country) because of a colonization (link with "Roque path") that had stolen our land illegally. But we have not acquired, not completely, urban culture from Paris. And when some of us try to recover his ancient culture that is no longer entirely his ... but that is still his a little! it happens that some of us prefer (almost by provocation would say) that is more questionable in its, like intolerance, self closure (typical of the "south", that was historically interesting.. in wartime only! see the Camisards, resistance against german nazis...) but can become stupid racism against those who are not at 100% "from" here. ("Parisien dog's head" as it is said...) As me for instance because my farther is parisian, so I am a "wog", a "meteque", not a "pure-blood" !

Hélène Larrive 

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