samedi 3 novembre 2012

Aurore Martin, basque activist, extradited to Spain in prison!

She is french and Basque movement ("Batasuna") to which she belongs is not illegal in France, so she has committed no offense! but it is in Spain and there she risks 10 years of prison!! Congratulations Walls, the sexiest of our ministers sinister.

"It hurts me but our love is
 impossible, Aurore !"

"Despite him, despite her", ("Titus and Berenice") theater piece of Racine, a french author, inspired by the latin phrase: he (Titus, Roma imperator) sent her back despite him despite her" (by due to state). 

Manuel Valls, the sexiest ot our minusters ministers

"Aurore Martin, you say ? But  I was not aware about her. Who is she?"

"Then, tut-tut, only those who do nothing never make mistake!" (link with the article in french)

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