mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Clémentine Autain, a brave woman, and 313 others

(Link with the article in french)
Who had make a petition against the silence about rapes or sexual assaults. She says she was raped a long time ago, as the others. I was not raped but sexually assaulted when I was 16 years old... and have spoken only 30 years after. Why very few victims never talk about it ever? Because everybody makes you silent! Sometimes they even try to minimize, they do not believe, even if you have marks ["Are you sure of what you're saying?" .. "It is not so dramatic" or (it was not the case for me) they look at you as if you were crazy, this is acceptable, but not your rape.] By your "sacrifice", you wear all the weight of family cohesion, respect social of the group THEREFORE OF ALL including yourself. More than the gesture, it is this silence that weighs, making you an accomplice to your own rape. Silence means you consent. You are strong and even if nothing appears, all your emotional life will be devasted. This is sometimes transmitted to your children. And if after 20 years or more!! you dare to talk, here's what happens sometimes.* Are you always surprised that we remain silent?

*I received a letter of insults in response [from only one woman, but who assured to write for her husband and her -it was a lie but I have believed it] which accused me of "sowing discord" and to be a bitter bitch, frustrated because, I quote : I've "never known love, the 'true' love, like them"... and so on. But the woman who had written me this letter was not a real member of my family, only the wife of one of us, was probably an incest victim in her own family (!) and devasted by a "syndrom of Stockholm", a character who hated a priori every victims, and was in complete solidarity with, not only his, but all the offenders or rapers. Awful, insn'it? This is why, mostly, we don't speak.. AND THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TO SPEAK !

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