mercredi 28 novembre 2012

Sampat-pal and "the gang of the pink saris"

Indian women, led by Sanpat-pal, who belongs to a lower "caste" (as formerly Phoolan Devi -she was killed by a contract-) the "gang pink saris", have decided, because the policemen are not doing their job (the laws exist but they are corrupted) against for example hitters men, the poor and "Dalit".. to do so themselves. They go from village to village, do justice and sometimes knock the recalcitrants. Between Zorro and Robin Hood, they have an huge love audience among the people especially woman. Bravo. We should all do the same (link with the article, in french but the video is in english). Everywhere.

Her life looks like those of Phoolan Davi, "the bandit queen" (link)

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