jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Turn your guns !!! You are digging YOUR grave !

1904, Odessa. The sailors of the russian battleship "Potemkin" (hungry) [sent by the Tsar to quell the revolt of the people of Odessa -harbour on the "black sea"-] revolt against their officers, and those who were ordered to shot their comrades (caught prisoners in a net) turned their guns against the orderers ! Then, all the sailors fraternized with Odessa's rebells. So Eisenstein made a movie ("Potemkine revolt") and a long time after, Jean Ferrat, french author, this tube, very famous in France.

"Would you be angry about me if I tell you a world which sings deeply in me with the noise of ocean?.. My memory sings as a tube, Potemkine! .. this word that I tell you at the wind of ever, Potemkine: they were sailors used to obey, used to discipline, there were sailors, they were wariors, and the heart of sailor in the wind is chiseled, they were soldiers on a big destroyer.. On the sea, I imagine you, Potemkine! Would you be angry about me if I tell you a world where those who are hungry are going to be shot? the crime is prepared and the sea is deep, and face to face to rebels are going up the fusilliers. It is my brother that one is shooting, Potemkine ! My brother, my friend, my son, my comrade, don't shot against those who suffer and revolt! sailor don't shot against another sailors! They turned their gun, Potemkine! Would you be angry about me if I tell you a world, where one is not always on the side of stronger?.. This night, I love soldiers, Potemkine.." Jean Ferrat, translation Hélène Larrivé

                                                                    The destroyer


The film. The famous stairs of Odessa.

Look at the two soldiers (3th and 5th) who are watching the camera, not very comfortable it seems, isn'it? As ashamed.

[If I have made error in araber (by google!!), please correct it]

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