dimanche 30 décembre 2012

Emmanuel Todd, analysis of crisis

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 The wolf : I need to sell my products to earn cash. You don't have money?
I lend it for you. Don't say me thank's, it from good heart!
Go and buy all you want, it is the fete !


 You cannot buy anymore? I' m going to lend it again for you.  But at 13%.
You can't return my money, not pay my interests, Mr Hollande? 
And the taxes, is it not made for that ?

With a little "bonus" for us. We are in the same boat, isn'it? 
And a employement of minister? Not? So, a geat "bonus" indeed! 
Tax exemption for instance. People will protest? You have just to corrupt the chiefs ! 
I am not going to teach you your job!


The "Point" : What do you think about the debt, the struggle between the states and the market?"
Emmanuel Todd : "it is the same : Brussels, markets, banks, rating agencies are false nose to hide the nature of political power in the world, managed by the rich for the rich under the guise of protecting money of small savers. Markets, it is simply the richest fighting against the poor to control them better. To understand, just observe the cursus of some individuals, between high management, American firms, Brussels and now, downright, governments. If the same caste control markets and states, the opposition between the one and the other has no meaning."
I summarize: states = markets and the so-called struggle between the two can be summarized as follows: one cut onions and the other cry.
You are very light with the money of small savers!
"I refuse to yield to blackmail. When the Mongols conquested cities, they used hostages as human shields. Richest groups do exactly the same thing: its hostages are small savers."
I summarize: states pretending to save small investors in fact come to saving the wealthy, ie banks or themselves {ie men in power as person }.
"Blame the rich!" : Is not excessive?
"No, the excessive accumulation of money in the upper strata of society is one of the characteristics of this period where ordinary people incomes poorer while the richest rising incomes of 1% and , for the small group of upper richest 0.01%. Regarding the States, who (theoretically) have in charge of general interest .. they really act for upper classes who controlled them by the ruling classes serving them."
Summary: nothing new here except that these classes are now mondialy globalized.
Situation would it be better if the rich were less rich?
".. Since 1990, trade openness and liberalization of financial flows have caused a great increase in inequality ... The system is an oligarchy that controls a significant portion of the resources. Under these conditions, the key issue is not the market as such, but of the oligarchy and its relationship to the state."
Is it a group of above-ground of "global elite"?
"In fact, there are several oligarchies whose relations are structured by power relations relentless. Specificity of the French oligarchy is its proximity to the high administration. Its members have often studied in high schools, ENA etc - without necessarily be heirs - and obey to the real bosses, the American oligarchy. Regarding the German oligarchy, newcomer in the system of domination, it handles the french one like vassals. The singular charm the Chinese oligarchy is its close entanglement with the Communist Party! The "left" [progressist party] feeds the illusion of a tie at the top while inequality and heterogeneity characterizes as the top than the bottom of the social world."
I summarize: even within the oligarchy who pulls the strings, there is a great struggle between the super powerful and cuckolds (our leaders).. who sacrifice their people (us) to serve their boss, the americans.
If states  lived on credit, they do not have to deplete and enrich person repaying their debt.

"Yes, but the principle of public debt is not comparable to a borrower who would be guilty of too much expenses.. because the banks are at the origin of the debt : the lenders want to place their financial surpluses and earn more money. A State in debt, thanks to the monopoly of legal constraint, is easier to be controlled."
I summarize: the debt is imposed by the rich [ie banks] who have impoverished states in order to invest their surplus money and earn more ... and above all control the borrower states. {Repetition, they are the same, so it is normal.}
So it is not the fault of the governments borrowers?
"Yes because it is their fiscal choices that led them to put in the dependence of the richest. [Obviously for it is those who govern.] Example, lower their taxes, so they can lend resources to the State.. resources which he has deprived himself ! to give them!.. And self-making-monay ban for the state, established by Pompidou law in 1973 and made ​​efficient by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt supposed to be out of reach of French State completes the whole. Annually, the French are thus stolen through direct taxes  of € 250 billion, of which almost 50 interest for the wealthiest "lenders" [who organized this situation to their benefit with the collusion of states]. It's what hides the alarmist and moralizing speeches about debt of the country ... Behind the apparent liberal logic of the system, the state is a machine for racketeering the poor people or the middle classes. "
The tax is also the foundation of democracy. When they are reluctant (in Greece) citizens are they victims?
"We pushed the Greeks into debt in order to better strangle them longer. Constantly commercials encourage us to borrow. Banks, forgiveness, the rich like to lend and loan sharks ... then take the houses from those who can not repay. Privatize the property of the Greek state, for example. "
Do you not complotiste? Even if he has pushed by selling drugs, the dealer is it the only one guilty of dependency on drugs?

"The world is a world oligarchy of power and conspiracy. Helping the Greek State, Goldman Sachs acted as a moneylender. Now they call "help" the Greeks, keep ready to be fleeced. Crisis in the euro area has not been fundamentally created by the nonchalance of debtors but by aggressive lenders "[needing debt to sell.. and earn money].
This oligarchy, define yourself as a social class, a class consciousness?
"The oligarchy behaves like a class, but at the same time there is in it of irrationality and even a wind of madness. I wonder whether to use the Marxist analysis of ideology or psychiatry.

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