vendredi 28 décembre 2012

Underrepresented women in India and elsewhere, unstoppable logic, sexual frustration, rape, violence between males, barbarism, women are a scarce commodity !

Note: these statistics concern the representation of men and women of all ages, so, countries where there are equivalent are not necessarily feminists but sometimes countries where women's condition is such that despite their greater resistance, they die younger than men (female genital mutilation, death in childbirth, etc...)


I remember, long ago (15, 20 years?) when I taught philosophy in IUFM [university for student teachers] I have observed that following these "selective abortions" widely practiced in India, China and so on (80 MILLION WOMEN "MISSING" IN CHINA ONLY !) by clinics offering "packages" all inclusive, economic! gender recognition fetal + abortion if it was a girl, a sort of nice "bonus"  ... I have observed that in the next twenty years or even before, there would be such a gender imbalance that it would inevitably generate a nameless barbarism .. unless establish polyandry, formal or informal, difficult in these countries (but it happens, sometimes a woman is forced to marry the brothers with the one "elected").

Young men are deprived of wives and thus in countries where cuckoldry and frolicking are perilous, of all sexuality. Bad, VERY: frustration, fights, rapes, abductions of girls inevitably ensue. And it happens. This will further increase, sexual frustration, poorly tolerated by males, whether goats, dogs, cats, roosters and other two legs animals [worse if associated with unemployment, idleness ] generate all kinds of "overflows" as it is said! Nature does well the things : we are 1/1 to adulthood, one man for one woman, it is perfect .. if it does not add problems as "DSKisme" [from "Dominique Strauss-Khan", the famous french politician (!) that is to say a male jumping on everything that moves and attempting to 'capture' for him alone a whole harem], polygamy, dowry or other bullshit, religious or not which generate the same dramas. [The other men has no women.]

But this is the best, because we are in the sacred domain of "science", or rather the technique that falsely pretends to be science, the "science" used for inéthiques despicable and dangerous aims. How these "Diafoirus" [the name of the doctors in Molières's comedies] who have practiced and still practice [for money] these mass selective abortions have they not seen what would inevitably happen in 15-20 years?

Rape followed by death in the case in question (one of these young Indian died one hour ago from her injuries after agonizing ten days) are the result barbarous, atrocious ... and perfectly predictable of mass selective abortions. The culprits are in order: the rapists of course, but also the authorities who leave run because when an act, so barbaric as it is, is so common, police (briefed? For statistics?) tends to refuse to register it, tends to minimize it, for example in the case of the girl who committed suicide after her complaint was REFUSED, the cops told her to accept financial compensation! or to marry one of her rapists, at her choice ! -great! " one day raped, all her live raped ! "- even to blame her, as it was done by a "scientific" [I love] for the young girl who died of his injuries this morning ["if she had not resisted, her intestines would had been intact or not so torn," she observed ! Morality, if you get raped, sodomized [which is almost always the case] do not cry, well relax, don't forget to take Vaseline in your bag when you have to take public transport, just in case, you never know, and wait for it to pass, you will have more chance to stay alive! - ] but if we go back in upstream, the  FIRST responsibles who will never be worried and even made ​​and still make their butter [money] with the gynocide are "selective abortionists" of  futurs babies girls.

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