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Novel from check point

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A dramatic and funny novel from an Ceven village about an other kind of gender harassment. And another, and lot of others! fights against sexism, farcial here.


A true novel from Cévennes (link) in the south of France, cf map, between “Jean Giono” and “Kafka” ! a village where rages an huge intellectual poverty, rough, nevertheless my village which I like ! where sexism, harassment (in my case and lot of others, financial)… with an happy end. A very hard victory. I lost some money, lot of energy and sometimes, during crises of depression, trust in me. (Video on the first link.) Now it is over, I hope. Under the sun which shines every day, the beauty of nature (link) and the kindness of people [superficial because they often are frightened by the powerful men's establishment]... the reality is sexist brutality -soft- for example the harassment which I suffered during more than 4 years, not sexual but of gender. Sometimes, I did not dare to open my mail box (not email). A woman is not treated as a man, she seems to be an easy target, especially if she is "alone", I mean without man, neither brothers nor sisters, and intellectual militant, not conformist too may be. On one side, men, developers of little weight but which behave as princes or feudal lords, politics one, rich sometimes, and their court … and against them, in this case, one woman (and 200 braves signatories of a petition, what is enormous in this lost little town of 3500 persons only.) This woman, it is me. A detail, I am 63 years old and I lived during all this time with less than 700 €/month, so very scantily, because of important taxes (I have an house and land large enough from my family but I can't eat stones and trees!) what is very good in the end (I feel better) and now, because of this not completely tragic situation (in my case) I suffered, that of women, poor, illiterates, gypsies, excluded.. those whom society has thrown into the hole or left along the road in the ditch, I understand better  how people can feel powerless, annihilated and for that, too weak to be able to rebel and fight. I'll never forget. I fed on nature, plants, pickings, as much as possible and to day I like this way of life, ecological, that respects nature.. and I intend to continue! A misfortune can become a fortune. Now, may be, women, here, will dare to raise a little the head. An example, yes, and a good one.

All these fights against sexism, not so hard than in Egypt, in "free said" countries, sometimes underground, harass the women's existence from day to day and can throw them into an abyss -depression and even suicide-, here is an other one, in a sense a comic one, of a single  woman against the city hall of her village. A woman whose a small established promoter -in this case, the mayor's father- have mistakenly demolished her house [he was condemned to reconstruct it at his own expenses]..  a woman who, soon after, was charged for 4000 E. for a water consumption -an Olympic swimming-pool for two months!-.. in the house in which she never could live… because it was in danger to collapse. Her salary was partially seized and her accounts so. Farcical, but it is not a joke ! 6 days in two times of hunger strike in vain or nearly, she had to assign the town hall in justice. And to day, after one and a half year, the justice sentences it to pay off to her the not due sums taken from her account. A victory, certainly, but during two years, she was reduced to a total poverty until having difficulty in feeding. And it is the inhabitants of the village, the taxpayers who have to pay trial and outlays. This video with splendid music (in french but easy to understand) shows it well. This woman, it is me.


Politic analysis of machist power, "right" and "left" together! -the case begins with the "right" and continues exactly in the same way.. with the "left"- yet elected to clean up the "randomized" management of the "right" who had sadly ruled the village during more than 60 years! [Often, politicians vary and trust in them is folly.]

 According to Landsberg, the bull'fight against man is exactly like the live of human in society which is like a bullring; theydon't fight against their real torturer but against a scarf that they shakes in front of them like the matador in front on the powerfull animal for joke. When it understand that it don't have to rush against the scarf but against the man, it is killed. So does the poors who d'ont realize their strenght and make a mistake about ennemies, manipulated by their exploiters aginst them they did't dare to rebel. So did some men about women. 

Politic, an art of a matador, where it happens  that one lose..  euh.. we can say.. some.. "feathers" .. Question : will this handsome gentleman still be able to participate efficiently at the specie biodiversity?

A woman against the town hall of her village and a victory for all women
[Or "No one is voluntarily wicked*"]


"Glass jar against iron one never wins",
Perverse fatalism, miserable tune
For poor crushed .. from mercifull businessmen !
Comfortable, useful.

But sometimes it happens that in an unlikely fight
The glass jar, the iron one breaks !
An example for his countless brothers and sisters
Transparent, excluded, lonely -as they mistakenly believe-.

Women, old, outcaste, injured,
Those whom society has left on the road side,
Thrown down into the ditch where they were sent,
No daring to speak, read and barely to think,

So hunted in pack’s to run,
In the quiet continuity
Of an obstinate and childish machism.

And here it happens, by a shooting’s error,
.. -A bit daring shoot !
Against so little taken, no need to adjust-,
That skittles shot the ball !

But politic is an transverse art
Where rivals devour each others by fellows interposed,
Sometimes skittles promoted balls ! –cheap ones-
Who, as soon as they escape out of the pass,
Run up for the quarry,

Sink -or try to- the tug which drew them before !
When some small-scale "Rastignac"
For cook all of them are warming the stove!
Victory indeed, but the bull at the barks 

Who turns over and rushes

[Tree times!] goes right, crushing the poor thicks,
In front of her, one after one.. 

When the authors of the scenario,
Well stashed far from the arena, in anyway winners! exult.

Theatre : one against five and twenty servants following,
Tomcats giving a little scratch for a fish, talkative cowards,
Revolutionaries of pavement for bissextiles years..
Entertaining and useful play ! As a train, a politic man
Can hides not an other one but a lot in single file

By the smell of the cheese -or of blood- attracted,
Foxes of all kinds at the count of their marbles,
Or of their dividends. Cruel stories,
Not only for the deer became bull

But even more for the hunters
Became deer..
Another collateral damage, a social one, the worst :
In these comrades kinds of fight, nobody wins or looses
But everybody looses [here, what it's calling "left" !]

A shame for the all ; bitter victory, as a Phyrrus one.
But women's victory indeed.

  And thanks for the two hundred signatories of the petition, brave
Supinators of a glass village with disastrous nickname.**

*We can also say "the nasty is someone who is mistaken."
** "St muddles"


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