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USA, the live which depends of a credit card

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Newtown. The United States, the most violent country that is. Structurally. Built from two genocides that persist. Life which depend of a credit card. Where human live weighs nothing.

It seems obvious that the Maya prophecy has occured, except that the only world that has disappeared as a myth is America. These massacres are symptoms, the top of an iceberg. They will not stop. This does not mean we have to stop fighting. We would like to see more restrictive laws (ban semi automatic weapons AND automatic chargers with over 7 balls, more controls of health ...) but this will help to reduce the number of deaths by gunfire (in New York where it is virtually impossible to buy a handgun, the number of murders dropped from 2200 to less than 400), but it will not put an end to mass killings, because not solve the fundamental problems that generate it.

Connecticut (20 infants murdered on 14 December) has one of the most stringent legislative arsenals in the matter, the killer was not a deliquent , never referenced in a shop weapon, all the weapons he used were legal, school Sandy Hook was double-locked BEFORE his arrival and simulation exercises took place to prevent such an episode ... One point: he stopped his massacre (by suiciding) when he saw armed cops in enclosure, so they prevented 20, 40 or 100 another victims. So sometimes, the guns, it works. That said, there was a sheriff at Columbine the day of slaughter and he could not prevent anything.

New legislation, necessary, would be cosmetic because in our nation, born from a genocide and built by another (slavery), human life weighs nothing, we "civilized" the Wild West with the six gun blows, we rape, fight and kill our women at a staggering pace, every three hours a woman is killed, we belong to this illustrious group (North Korea, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran) which still apply the death penalty. Thousands of us die each year from lack of medical insurance coverage.

Why? because we can! In us there is a huge arrogance that makes us believe that there is something exceptional in us when compared to "other". We are Number 1 in all areas, even if our students are 17th in science, 25th in math (and philosophy? Mmm?) And our life expectancy is 35th in the world .. we are the largest democracy in the world while our turnout rate is the lowest of all in the West. Os we are the strongest and best people in all areas, we demand and take what we want.

And for that we behave sometimes like son of a bitch, on the general plan (invasion of countries) AND personnel, and this is not a malfunction, but instead the "normal" functioning of a nation so  built. And if one of us shoting every body reveals the psychotic nature and the consequences of our structural violence, for example at Newtown, Aurora and Virginia Tech, then "our compassion towards the victims" and "significant measures" promised by our presidents are plasters on a wooden leg.

Americans are the most violent people on earth.
1 poverty. 50 million live in poverty, one in five suffer from hunger, the majority has nothing at the end of the month .. which leads to more crime or crimes. Jobs prevent violence. If my neighbor has a real job and earns $ 50 000 a year, is there is a risk that he enters my home, kills me to stole my TV? No.
2 fear, racism. We are a people extremely fearful if one wants to consider that unlike most nations have never been invaded .. Why do we need 300 million guns? It is normal that the Russians may be afraid with 20 million of them died during the 2nd World War. But we? Are they afraid that the Indians return to the path of war? That Canadians bought too many cafeterias on both sides of the border? The vast majority of weapons are bought by whites living in residential suburbs or the countryside who are afraid of black or poor. When we fantasize about aggression, what image have we in our head of the aggressor? The kid with freckles of the house next door? not ! but a black or at least, an outcast.
3 society "I do it myself." It is this ethic of "

everyone for himself" that generates this disintegration. I manage on my own. This is not your problem. This is mine. You get sick, you can not pay for the operation? Not my problem. [A colleague, French, who suffered of full-exsanguination after a spontaneous abortion, was refused an intervention hospital (curettage and suture) until her credit card may be charged and would probably be dead 30 years old if she could not get a friend to advance illico the money: she was not a "real" poor -in this case she would have died- but just unlucky.] The bank took your home? Not my problem. You cannot go to college? Not my problem. This is a society where it is rightly to be afraid. Life which depends of a blue card malfunction, this is not reassuring. And besides, that is not my problem, at one time or another, become MY problem. But the others are going to say me "that is not my problem" etc.. A circle.

[I saw during trips] other countries believe that taking care of each and every one benefits all. Care, tuition fees, assistance to mentally ill, free... it is not only for "them" (the poor), but for all. For instance, a patient untreated contaminates other and so on.. So ultimately it benefits EVERYONE. Why we can not we see it? Because in many other countries, people do not perceive themselves as individual entities but as members of a group on the path of life, each existing as part of a whole, one by the other. We help those in need while in USA they are punished for it! because they were unlucky or because they are in a bad way. For us, that's their problem. In any case mine. Short-sighted.

This is why the mass murders by gunfire in other countries are so rare: their citizens are not afflicted with the mentality of the lone wolf hunting and have received their education in the direction of the link, a total solidarity. So difficult to kill each other. We do not. " 


Note. This lack of education is sometimes found in some, even in France, more among those who lack culture, blind to the idea of ​​solidarity that prevent to the short-sighted selfishness of a "society of wolves" leading to violence, legal or not. When one political elected, as minimal as it was, says about an injustice done to an victim, voluntarily or not "who cares, it's a single woman, clueless and without siblings nor man, she will not complain" it is this principle that is at stake. Not real? No, it happened to me (link). When another "cuckold" rightly protesting against sewer evacuations -shit- of the village (going straight on to the river!) and overflowing in his home (! this only matters to him) .. refuses to denounce it in the hope of getting an advantage important for him, it is the same principle which is at stake because our society evolves towards the U.S., and the vision of Moore of France is a bit idyllic. This derives, paradoxically, "begins" down, in the remote countryside whose nobody cares, but if we do not pay attention, it can reach to urban populations who in this point are better, more solidarity, more responsive. Link with "novel of check point" (english) or the same report in french here.

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