samedi 14 septembre 2013

Last episode, crash car, with my husband and his girl friend. Funny indeed !


On the night at Monpar, meet ... with my man and his girlfriend (last episode of "diary of a looser woman")

  It's strange. A looser I am (OK, and I am proud of that) .. who nevertheless has "succeed" two children, a girl and a boy, portrait as it is told, of his paternal grand father (but I have nothing to do and it is not my glory) .. rather not too bad both (on this point, I am perhaps for something) .. The same affair of Anne Boleyn (see "often man varies") except that there is nothing to reproach myself question reproduction (breeding).. if I was a cow, I would have won all the agricultural shows .. and luckily my husband was not King of England and did not made me behead for having found an other one better and younger than me.. (But for the rest) ... It is not only at Sant'Ambroix that inevitably everybody met everybody into the street (or here, instead, of the amphitheater -! Because the residence was realized by Ricardo Bofil, a Spanish architect-). A Paris too! At Montparnasse exactly, my husband and his girlfriend, (chic hat all the two!) returning home after (I suppose) a nice evening out .. (movies? Theatre? Expo? Concert?) It's weird. Nose down, they were staring at their shoes (!) with the air of gus that have shit and poorly flared their ass.. and fear I feel their smell... although they were perfect (and it was me who was neglected, having not expected the collusion). It make me remember, formerly, this night where my car scrashed in a plane tree after 700 km without a break. Not a word. But an image that will remain. For ever. No pain now: I can't desire the man of another one, never. And now he is. (Because the damages it makes in a family for children, I have known that in all my infancy.) Good electrochoc. I’m cured.

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