vendredi 27 septembre 2013

the ambulance who crashed a pedestrian, leads him to the hospital .. and requires thanks!

"She was lucky we are here !"
"Don't say us thank you, we have only made our job !"


Small typical scenario on the subject

Peter (phone). "Please, come emergency here [...] It is an absolute disaster* and I can not handle this alone, it is X's fault that did nothing" [...]
Elise: "OK, but here, there is the season, the gallery.. OK, well, never mind, I come now.." [700 km]

[Shortly after -the "disaster" being half resolved- ..]

Peter: "You are a looser, an absolute failure. O yes you have a gallery .. that you never open! it's a great succes indeed. I asked you to come? It was an error. Here you have served at nothing .. "

* In fact, it's not so awfull.
[Note, the characters can be reversed!]

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