mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Marisol Touraine, french minister of social affairs (!): her son in jail for 3 years for jacking with gun.

 This blog : the most successul with "samudaripen" about rom and genocid. By araber countries essentially, and I suppose women : revolution will succeed by us and among us by those who are the most poorly traited.


The son of the minister of social affairs (!) and family arresterd and sentenced for 3 years of prison on the charge of extorsion with weapon (false). Or the shoesmakers are the worst shod ! "Act up" claims he risks the sida as all the young prisoners because they are often raped by "caïds", the prisons are too full (dangerous promiscuity) and the guards too few..

Prison=> promiscuité=> viols=> sida
Prison => promiscuity=> rapes=> sida

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