dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Tell me how you shit and I'll tell you who you are

 We can note that the position of defecation of men has recently evolved, related to a certain human megalomania: First squatting (farmers -or myself -still does as) behind a tree, then the chamber pot, hidden in the nightstand, then he climbs more with the hygienic "bucket" which has the advantage of being closed and relatively odorless, then we come to "our" toilets where he remains seated as a busy conference, with flush which prevents anyone to witness his depravity etc. .. so, if the human race lasts another 200 years (which I do not believe) it is a safe bet that the man of 2200 will shit standing, may be on a platform, proud of the one who is above that awfull thing he is going to deliver discreetly

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