lundi 22 octobre 2012

Childbirth controversy

 "For me, the work [of childbirth] was as if someone had put a car jack inside my body and was slowly breaking me in two halves, a really deep bone pain (link)" unbearable... formula I take exactly at my account.
Why women never talk about that or slightly, without insisting -even those that willingly express their disease and suffering in general-? I see two reasons : for not scare those who have not experienced it, and not to traumatize their children as if they were in debt to hers. They have forgotten ? No, although say the rose stories. Even after the baby who brings joy. The situation is a little different now that they have the epidural.

   And some links on the measurement of pain, not so subjective as it is said, even if the words are not "LED" but "DOL" as purists complain, and that if, according to the pain scale of Mac Gill, the figures are determinate 1 to 10 -at least they formerly were- and not from 1 to 57. And to say that a human being cannot endure as it is alleged on the picture, the fact is that the heart can really collapse, personaly at one point, he stopped -very briefly- to beat. .. what motivated the urgent "extraction" of the baby.. [my perineum completely torn, then intervention when the doctor finally arrived for rebuild it, two hours of work to sew, at the end they had no more thread in the clinic and they had to search elsewhere (!) then, 10 days after, general anesthesia to remove thread, and ban for 1 week to go to WC, very fortunate no sequelae and baby OK.] Yes, the heart simply can falter after 2 days of torture, of course.

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