jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Jésus' erotic adventures, the Bible rewritten

First character, Christ. An araber, between Smaïn and Naceri, offender, breaker but nice of course without paper (his family comes from Judée because Herode's prosecutions against jewishs). He has long hair and speaks with a strong accent. Marie-Madeleine, (Sharon Stone ou Rachida Dati), Joseph, et Marie.

Marie Madeleine
Another version, more probable


  Joseph is telling stories at little Jésus. 10 years, he is no more a little boy and is intersted ... by girls and sex. In Bible, there are lot of sex stories, good for him. For these things, Joseph is more qualificated than his mother, more, a virgin one !

All theses women, very lusty... and cutting! It is a little difficult to told to a child, but the true is here! What a family !

Judith, Dalilah, Salomé, and Abraham too, ready to sacrified his soon, and all that to please his daddy ! Mary says he can have a post traumatic syndrom. Women!..

Salomé et Jean-Baptiste

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