dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Dead women for about a week !


Actu to day for about ? the week when I click on "woman, stabbed, street" !! 5 dead.

A woman 30 years old stabbed in the street probably by her former companion, between life and death, yesterday. But when I click today in google (pages in French only) to see if she escapes ("stabbed woman in the street"), this is what I find ! (links)..

And this clip vidéo about a young muslim girl who liked to take fun as all the young girls and boys, probably killed by her brother for "honour". (!!)

The first case I knew


... a lot of women of all ages, whose 5 died ! Frightening conclusion: "femicides" are so common that they immediately are lost in the mass, by their husbands or companions (the majority), brothers (for muslims) or simple thieves, or even, in one case, her son! Age from 18 to 60 years. It can take place in broad daylight in the street, in a store and everywhere (except in one case which happened in a ghetto neighborhood). A suggestion: being a woman is so much more dangerous than to be a man wherever we are, that we have to be allowed to own and carry a weapon and take courses of fire. Ugly? Yes. Necessary? Yes.

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