mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Lumumba, who is he?

The numbers don't lie, it is worse, they induce in error. Everything is a matter of framing : small pox, mental illness, "heroes"...
Evolution of smallpox from the vaccine. =>
Fortunately there are vaccines !!

No! By extrapolation, we have the same curve !!..

Psychotic in crisis.
=> in psychiatric hospital !

Woman who burns herself at a stove (lien)

 The two men at left (actor, movies maker) are now said "martyrs of narrow bourgeois morality" (sometimes) by some young people a little "short". Every body is speaking of them, TV, radio, internet.... On right, Patrice Lumumba the hero of Africa independance. Forgotten ! When we tell about him, often, young people open great eyes : "Lumumba? Who is he?"

=>  It is when we see the heroes that one people has chosen for him that we can measure the level of his civilization. Here, zero !!

On left, a man (movies maker very famous) who raped and sodomized a little girl. Just after, (on the very little picture) another one who makes the "buzz" with "humoristic" sketches, in fact racists (anti semitics) the governement wants to forbid (for one time, Holland is right!).. and it is funny because the second man critizes the first ! (he is right too!) because he had had no jail (!).. nothing.. while him, the unhappy, is prosecuted because his anti semitise. It is not fair.. and so on.. !!  
And on right, Patrice Lumumba, whose nobody speaks now, and who was the hero of independance african, killed by Belgium and his body dissolved with acid. Sad.

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