samedi 4 janvier 2014

Belkis Melhem, Aliaa Elmadhy, two choices: soft and hard. Alia is right: she is still alove! (alive!)

"The mamy and the whore*"

Belkis, from a bourgeois family, had chosen "tolerance" integration (perhaps by necessity); Aliaa, nonviolent revolt but which banged harder. She was right : she is alive, Belkis dead.

There are women (here certainly from ultra favored class) who manage to do "everything", to juggle with a sweet smile. I did not know her before, I admit, but Balkis Melhem, mother of five children (three from the first marriage of her husband -patron of medicine with whom she had made a marriage more or less "fixed"- and 2 from her).. Belkis, according to sources, a graduate of the University (doctor say some , others speak of a master in literature, perhaps is it both?) committed writer -soft- as a part of her family (in the near secular liberal movement, she was not Aliaa Elmadhy !) was murdered by two of her brothers, fundamentalists (Al Qaeda member for one). A family that represented itself every heartbreak of a country .. or all Muslim countries . Aliaa said that hers have denied her and she would be in danger -by their fact!- if she came back to Egypt?

 This reminds me the period of the second mondial war, the resistance to Nazism in France.. where in the same family, brothers, sisters, sisters in law- .. engaged in two opposite edges, distrusted each other but sometimes nevertheless rubbed. Atmosphere ! [ It happened one member collaboration flying high, might save a niece, sister, brother .. from death by warning them of an betraying against them.] Then, after the war, every body forgot everything and life go on as before. Children born after not knew nothing .. unless if one of them (me) performs a specific search about this period. I am one of them. Families, I hate you ? in my case the bonds of brotherhood were firts (a great uncle, close friend to a "collaborateur" - Chiappe!- advertized my mother and grandmother there would be a perquise of police soon) ... otherwise I would not be here . But in the case of Belkis , yes, " family I hate you ."
*It is the title of an old but famous feminist movie of Jean Eustache who denounce the only "choice" women have.

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