samedi 4 janvier 2014

Racism, shame, social hypocrisy

The two faces of racism

In society, all is good. Gentle. "Delicious your tajine, Ali !". But in head to head with the woman, the mask falls. "What? Some one dare to confuse MY daughter with an arab?!!" and she is speaking to me, whose husband is arab!


Racism is often hidden behind a hypocrisy we call politeness. A racist overstates the people he pretends he scorns. Jews are supposedly intelligent (!) Arab sexually inexhaustible (!) blacks, tireless etc => envy, jealousy, and fear. So, silence. But when a woman from their group (who is not arab, no jewish, no black..) marries a man belonging to the hated group, then, even if in family or in society, the racist is sometimes more friendly towards her husband than towards all the others ! (almost to obsequiousness)..  in head to head with her, the racist will romp. So sometimes the man does not see the racism whose he is the object. His wife, yes! But for her, to denounce is difficult (she seems to spread shit). And it happens that the man has trouble believing it. How ? this amiable cousin ? Yes it is this amiable cousin who is outraged to choke with anger when I told her that her daughter had probably been confused with Fatima (a young arab neighbor.) "What? WHAT!! her daughter? Confused with an Arab ?".. (Note: she was speaking at me .. whose husband was Arab!) And this is the same neighbor, nice, gentle, (with my husband) who told me : "you 're lucky, "it" does not appear too much.. for your son " !!!.. speaking, of course... of Arabism of his father !

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