samedi 22 juin 2013

The "young" women who accept older guys, the old to simplify ...

 Age, 23 (woman1), 25 (man)

  Age, 56 (man), second woman, 45  [first, 54]

Age man 67, second woman, 56

 Fed up of feminist idealism that makes us knock men who dropped a wife whose age is about their (the same), for women of ten, fifteen or twenty years younger than them...  without any mention of these young women who accept the guy, sometimes seen as victim. In countries of sharia, where they do not have choice, yes. But in the West, these women of ten, fifteen, twenty years younger have indeed searched, sought or accepted eagerly these old men, without thinking of the drama behind them, without thinking of what their attitude could represent of anti-feminism or submission to the machismo whose we all suffer (also themselves sometimes, later, because there are repeat offenders men who change of woman after 40 years as a car after 50 000 kilometers.) That we never said, that we do not dare say, because it's "petty", we don't want to be called a shrew frustrated, and yet it must to be said too. Politically incorrect? Not. Link with "women in car breaks".

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