mercredi 5 juin 2013

Life of a woman, child slavery in France, quite tolerate, in 1963

"Catharsis", gallery "Archétype", HL



The outside world
Special school for teacher training, 15 years old

[In fact, a school for "poor" young girls (whose families could not allow them to study normally in high school) who, after a competition, if they were received !! were sentenced to 3 years of prison (from 15 to 18 years) to have the right to study and have their "high school diploma" (baccalauréat)… and then, forced to become teachers of primary school all their life... (they want or not was the same... as if they had been "bought" by the institution which had housed and fed them during 3 years).. and forbidden to go to university, even if their results were excellent. A kind of child slavery, quite tolerated (although, if you look closely, illegal). "You are not your owner now, but you belong to "National Education" and don't have the right to get sick" told us a teacher. I asked me "do we have the right to commit suicide?" and that's what I did shortly after. For show their I was free. So I managed to escape from this prison.. as only one on 70 "detainees".]


Old age

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