mardi 10 décembre 2013

The "perforated sock syndrome"

 When a child has a serious psychological problem (example anorexia) the psy sometimes try to find a smoky explanation incriminating always the mother. For example the child is affected by a "Oedipus complex inverted (!) because the mother is lesbian -false in this case- and the father is the mother etc." .. 300E !! The denial of real facts (the most common) is often accompanied by the invention of burlesque facts: just a question of power. For failing to incriminate father (pillar of the family) abuser, they blame the abused child. Similarly, in order to explain what they do not understand, they invent buffoons scenarios .. which aggravates the case. (Here, the mother arrived in moto with her daughter.. what displeased very much to the doctor : lesbian, of course !) Eureka !

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