dimanche 8 décembre 2013

The generation after a Stockholm syndrom

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 Stockholm syndrom, executioners, 
victims and "kapos", a vicious circle 
[(A "kapo" is a victim relatively spared who acts as a servant for the executioner against other victims, specially one scapegoat, sometimes worse than him.)]

A pregnant young woman (16 years old) is thrown at the door by her father... in the indifference of others family members.. she will become prostitute, recruited by violent pimps. (Her sister, younger, will become a Stockholm syndrom, worshiping her father. She will marry religiously with a good family young man, very proud of that, and send her daughter in a religious school -catholic-).. 
The generation after : the child of the victim 
and the child of the kapo. 
16 years after. 20 years after. [The "DDASS" is a french national organization that cares for abandoned children and sends them to family foster, paid by the state .. sometimes loving but often more interested with the money than with the well-being of children.. or to an orphanage (not better.)] Children do not depart in  live with the same chances. 
Sarah : the death in heritage. 
Sonia : all she wants.

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