mardi 27 août 2013

The age difference between husbands and wives, a domination accepted and tragedies it creates forever


  No, she is not his daughter, but his wife. A poignant image, that of my father-in law (which I did not know, he died when my husband was 13) and my mother in law? 30 years younger. After a fulfilling sex (and professional) life, this  wealthy Lebanese, respected (and feared) by the entire Jewish community wanted an heir. She, orphan, without a dowry, was a virgin (I presume) and poor health. Nevertheless pregnant every one or two years (!) she provided him six children (and two miscarried) until his death otherwise the litter would have been even more important.. then, widow, she spent all her life pissing (annoying) on them.. and later their spouses / es.. which I had the misfortune to be, and in pole position, wife of the only son she had managed to provide (for her, her daughters had been only misfired.) She never remarried, fearing that the suitors do want only her money (!) Before her death, she asked me forgiveness. (What can I could have done? I said yes, gladly.. but I lied.)


Collateral victims: me, who has had only 1/8 man, my daughter, who as has only 1/8 father, and him, who has had a shrew frustrated wife.. (but he consoled himself with another one more confortable, younger and sweeter!) On the photos, she seems.. his daughter (!) but no panic, "she seems younger than her age (he says !!) Much less !" O yes. I'm sure.

 Funny isn'it? Reproductive status, 
57 years later, just less sordid here.

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