mercredi 24 avril 2013

The "red poster", Olga Bancic

The real poster (without Olga)

The poster as it would be done

 A poster, the "red poster", which was affixed (during World War 40-45) everywhere in occupied France by the Nazis, in order to knock resistants, especially "foreigners", from a group called "Manouchian" group, (communist) heroic*, so named because of its leader (an Armenian poet, survivor of armenians genocide by Turkish).. most of them were Jews. They had at their active, sabotages (against nazis and of course dead people) as it is written (a little exagerated) on the poster... in which women were "forgotten", especially Olga Bancic, a frail young girl, (it would have been almost comic to mention her acts). They were tortured and then shot, except Olaga, who was beheaded with an ax. Thereafter, when talking about the history of Manouchian group, she is always forgotten. 

*Maybe they were intentionally sent by their leaders to missions more and more dangerous in order to get rid of them because, for the Party, their fame, their charisma made ​​them dangerous when Liberation would came, few monthes later.

The last letter of Olga the day before her execution for her little daughter Dolorès, (translation later). She asks her not to cry (as she don't, she said but I think she lies) and instead to be proud of her mother and she hopes she will have a better live than her, as every people, (because of their acts) and said farewell my little love. And she hopes her husband will escape (he did) to take care of her motherless little girl.

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