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Ecology in some areas far away from everywhere, (indians reserve!)

Here, one shit,                                                                  here one swim

500 m after

"The principle of tyranny is that men fight for their
 slavery as if it was for their freedom "(Spinoza)

 The reason is that it is easy to instill "intox" (mental poison) in the mind of those who have no education, who are awkward, those left on the wayside by society, those yet who most need to be informed and supported ! They are convinced that fighting is useless and vain because they will always lose... that "others" are and will always be stronger than them, and judges and justice always on their side .. A world made of omnipotent "other" which darkens their eyes and destroys them: it will be worse if they act, then it is better to endure.. even to tackle (betray) those who dare fight, their brothers in misery however ! This don't prevents them to talk (in pub for instance) extremely hard and virulent... but without doing anything. Sometimes, when someone (a journalist for example) tries to fight by exposing one event (a fact) he is rejected ! "Do not say anything please, I shall have trouble, "they" shall know that it's me who have spoken to you"... even when anyone can see the "fact", for example eg and shit sewage flowing in a river (!!) Sometimes, and it is worse: in a same family, a loving mother betrays his own daughter, under influence by a "strong" against which she scrap, "in her interest" because (as she falsely believes ) "she risks some worse troubles."*

But it remains that sometimes, miracle, when, desperate, one victim dare to revolt, when he/she wins (a trial for example) all the others show complete solidarity ! Common sense, the idea of ​​justice, insufficient to position themselves a priori, when judge had ruled, became imediatly clear, efficient.

Justice and education are the most important areas of society.. and more resourceless. Is that random?

* One more step leads to totalitarianism hard ("witch hunt") : so we saw in some trials parents falsely testify against their own children, as Greenglass (brother and mother) against Ethel Rosenberg, executed on electric chair in 52. Here, it is just a difference of degree, not of nature...
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