vendredi 4 janvier 2013

When the americans were our next door neighbors, the earth remember: Rock mountain, Ozark mountain.. the same !

In french here

La "Roque" (St Ambroix)? I thought so, myself ! 
(La "Roque" -the Rock- is the earth of my family, link with other beautiful photos.) But no! it is Ozark mountains (Arkansas) ! A chic holiday resort indeed, in USA !

Here, la Roque and surely, the ghost of one of my ancestors (!)

La Roque, and Molières (Les Brousses), another holidays resorts, beautiful all the same, but cheaper!
An explanation ? 200 000 000 years ago, we were borders !

When the Americans were our next door neighbors and did not shit on the world with the bank system of "compensated reserve" !! A good time, except Dinosaurs, but who of both are the worst?  

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