vendredi 28 septembre 2012

About the engagements of catholic church, in the past and now

L'engagements des églises catholiques... 

The church, every time on the "good" side.

Un évêque béatifié (lien)
The cross and the vane !

In french on this link

Aloïs Stepinac (link), a famous croatian bishop engaged with "oustachis" -on the picture with "Ante Pavlevic" the foundator of the movement- [war criminals allied at nazis during the last mondial war, where in their extermination camps, including Jasenovac (link) were massacred Jews, Serbian Orthodox, and especially Roma... who were accustomed to wear on their belts necklaces of eyes torn from their victims, cf Curzio Malaparte, "Kaput", even the Nazis asked them to be more discreet]...  sanctified by the pope in 98 !
The church, catholic, orthodox or anglican, always on the "good" side, as a vane. Very strong as wind sensor ! Now, with Poutine against the "Pussy Riot".

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