lundi 8 décembre 2014

Economic maltreatment against women

7 hours of supplications (telephone) to obtain... 1000 E !!! And he has only yielded for fear of being too illegally for divorce that is going to happen !!!

Yes… finally… I agree to give you 1000 E but just to eat (!) if you die of hunger but for masonry works in you home, not a penny. It's not my fault if you're a looser, a pathetic jealous woman, a parasite who had never do anything. I was so unhappy because you were so distant with me. Colette [his girl friend.] But I need love and confort, and she gave me what I needed. 

We lived 20 years together ? I have 4000E / month and you only 1000? Yes... I don't see the problem, the cause you to ask me for money.. You were working part time because I had requested you to do? not at all. I wanted you to stop working? Absolutely not. You did what you wanted, I never forced you. Now, you have to assume : you are a looser and that's all.


You have choosen : you have to assume

you left me and you dare ask me for money?

You did not do anything..

You doesn’t see the contradiction? 

Colette? [His girl friend]. But I said you lot of times she does not count for me.

Colette, it is just because you didn't love me again

Because you left me !

I can not live alone.

I was with her before? Yes but I said and 
repeated you she doesn't count for me. 


I was desperate after you left me

This woman is me. This man is 
my future ex husband

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