samedi 30 novembre 2013

Hygiene and racism

Hygiene is a formidable weapon and a more sociological than medical concept: the smell is the most labile of our senses and we can always invoke a "smell" to stigmatize and humiliate those we hate (an ethnic group, "race", women, animals). Nobody will dare to say it does not feel because he would seem as "dirty" as those incriminated! Basically, we have love .. or hatred. From whom you accept to wash panties? This is when my ex told me "all my sisters and my mother," that I realized that there was here the crux of the problem. Me, not. But with my kids, my mother, yes and he, not.

A funny example. The paper ass syndrom

This is a variant of Sarko syndrome ( "I passed the ford, I cut the cord"). Thus, a man who has always lived in the past in a mess and a remarkable poor hygiene, for example a WC which no longer accepting paper, forcing its many customers to throw them in ... a opened wastebasket, full that day with a bit of crumpled yellow stuff that I thought to be make up.. when that morning, (I was new arrival at his family home) I left the place and see him at the door, very worried because of one of these fault that I committed regularly in this strict and arrogant stuffy bourgeois area.

- You did WHAT?

- In your opinion ?

- Uh .. Yes .. but.. shit TOO?

- Both. As Clelia, I shit, even if I disappoint you.

- And what did you do with the paper?

- I did not put it in my pocket, for sure !

- WHERE ? ( His anguish was resonance. )

- But finally, in the WC !

- You should not ! That is in the basket you had to do !


- Yes !

- It was not make up what I saw ? But ... .. "

Well , YES , it's was shit indeed...

.. the same man now therefore screems for one or two dirty dishes in my sink. This is "awful, he can not live like this, I'm disgusting, he even saw a mosquito etc. .. " He loved his sisters and mother, he hates me and that's all.

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