dimanche 29 avril 2012

Another woman with an huge courage ! Veena Malik. Bravo.

Pakistan : un islamiste contre Veena Malik par matbeeno

I'll translate the video in french to morrow.  We can't imagine, for a pakistani woman, the courage it requires to retort so hard and in public to an "virtuous" (and limit threatening) imam who overwhelms her with hypocrite moral lessons !  because... she would had made sexy photos, an huge affair ! I searched on the net and found nothing of "enormous", (softer than Mrs Le Pen in any case!) it is true that I have not spent all the night for such a work.. [but it seems the holy man to be better informed than me, what is highly suspect indeed] and for that, she received death threats ! Veena is an actress and humorist of indian TV that I  discovered only yesterday [although she is very famous] when I was surfing randomly on my blogs' visitors (http://saintambroix.blogspot.com) .. Veena who I'm pleased to welcome here. I am very proud you to read my blog, thank's you.

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